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April 17, 2021

what is your expected salary

The Salary Negotiation Question Employers Love to Ask Which Job Seekers Dread at a job interview is What is your expected salary? In this post, we share an eye opening way to answer this question. Read on

You will be well prepared to answer the question, “what is your expected salary?” when you are called for an interview,

Employers love this question for a reason. The psychology behind it is powerful. Job seekers dread it for the same reason.

The job seeker is afraid they would either price themselves too low or prize themselves too high and thereby lose the job.

How Do You Answer the Question, What Is Your Expected Salary?

Below, I quote Sibile Marcellus from Yahoo Finance.

While new jobless claims fell to a pandemic-era low of 576,000 for the week ended April 10, roughly 8 million jobs that were lost since the pandemic began have still not been recovered. In spite of that, many hiring experts still view this as an opportune time for job seekers to negotiate their salaries.

“You have more leverage than you think,” says Michael Neece, CEO of, a company that provides video-based apps to hiring teams, job seekers, and recruiters. “You have a lot of leverage because it’s so time consuming for the employer [to go through the interview process.] It’s so hard for them to find someone to hire. So all of a sudden the leverage shifts to the job seeker, when they really want you.”

“If you assume, I have no power, [there are] so many people competing, you are setting yourself up,” said Neece. Salary negotiations have always been a highly emotional process even prior to the pandemic, he added. “Everybody has a lot of emotion involved here, even if they posture themselves as being very analytical about the whole thing.”

Rule of thumb in a salary negotiation: first person who gives a number loses

The question posed to job seekers during the hiring process is along the lines of: “What are your salary requirements?” Hiring experts say it’s a risky move for a job applicant to give a number.

“Usually they’ll ask a candidate, how much money are you looking for? What kind of salary is it going to take to bring you on board? What is it going to take for us to hire you? And it’s a trap question,” says Gregg Podalsky, president of American Recruiting and Consulting Group.

Read more by Sibile Marcellus via yahoo finance

Andrew LaCivita helps with an ingenious way to answer this #jobinterview question in the video below

Before You Go For The Job Interview

But while you are preparing for your job interview to get your dream job, you might want to take the advise of Myles Munroe that you cannot build your life around a job.

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