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Linda Ikeji Did Not Make Money Blogging Last Month

By Eyram

March 16, 2021

Linda Ikeji, Nigeria’s most popular blogger, did not make money blogging last month.

In fact, Linda Ikeji does not make money blogging.

This statement will come as a shock especially to the people who know Linda Ikeji and have followed blogging in Nigeria for some time.

But it is the hard truth.

Before you say, “this talk is crap!,” I will show you how she makes her money.

You might be thinking, but what about all the stuff we have heard? What about the car we have been told she purchased by blogging?

These are legitimate and good questions.

After this plain yet simple revelation, you will find out why many upcoming bloggers struggle with their blogs.

They want to make money blogging. They think that, by writing blog posts, money will come to them.

Many upcoming bloggers have been misled for a long time to think that Linda Ikeji is making so much money by blogging and so they start a blog.

They create content and after a long time, they do not earn anything from their efforts.

Let me ask you a question.

Do you know people who started blogging but had to give up the idea?

It is because the owners thought that they could make money by writing blog posts.

There is actually a website for orphaned blogs. (

Many of the other top bloggers you know do not make money blogging.

Jide of Ogbonge blog, John Chow of, Neil Patel at, Michael Chibuzor of the famous, etc.

I heard the pathetic story of one online entrepreneur who spent so much time writing blog posts but earned nothing for over three years.

He abandoned his blog in the end.

I do not want this to happen to you.

If you want to take up blogging to supplement or even replace your present income you must be told the truth.

You do not make money blogging per say unless you are a freelance writer.

You make money by leveraging the traffic on your blog.

I will explain that in a jiffy.

How Linda Ikeji Makes Money With Her Blog

This is how Linda Ikeji makes money with her blog. She makes money by leveraging her blog to SELL.

All top bloggers make money by doing this one thing. They make money by leveraging their blogs to sell.

They do not make money by updating posts or maintaining their blogs.

Did I just hear your thoughts aloud?

Did you just think the question,

“Linda Ikeji sells?”

Yes! She does. Linda Ikeji makes money by leveraging her blog to sell advertising spaces.

A quick look at her blog will tell you her income earning arsenals – google adsense and banner ads. You can also see traces of sponsored stories and articles on Linda Ikeji’s blog.

Let me state this clearly.

You will not make money by constantly updating your blog posts.

You will not make money online just because you put up a blog and allowed advertisements on your blog.

There are things you have to do after you create your blog.

You have to create valuable content for your readers You need to drive traffic to your site and You need to monetize the traffic that comes to your blog.

Linda Ikeji’s success revolves around the fact that, she has successfully monetized the traffic to her site.

Do these 3 things if you want to leverage your blog to make money like Linda Ikeji.

Design a clear path to drive traffic to your blog

What traffic driving methods will you choose.

Read How to Make Your Blog Famous in 30 days to see which traffic method will work best for you.

Choose an effective way to monetize your blog.

You must decide how you want to leverage your blog to earn some income. Would you want to make money Linda Ikeji’s way by selling ad spaces or you would prefer to make money using others means?

By the way, other means of leveraging your blog to make money apart from advertising includes but is not limited to the following,

Join an affiliate programs and promote the products on your blog.

How? After you sign up, do not loose the opportunity to create a link on your blog that leads to your affiliate products sales pages. This must be done wisely though. It is effective if the link to the affiliate product is related to your blog post or the subject you are discussing. Affiliate sites you can join and promote products include, Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Shareasale etc.

You can write product reviews about your own products you want to sell and send your readers to the sales page via a link on your website.

Must Read : Genuine ways to make money in 2014

Write product reviews about other companies’ products for money.

In all of the above, you need to build a strong readership base for your blog to be successful with your monetization strategies.

As far as blogging and internet marketing are concerned, you can always come here to learn WHAT’s WORKING NOW.

advertising banner on what’s working now

  1. Do what you have planned in steps 1 and 2.

The reason why many people fail is because they have great ideas but never put them to use.

When you listen to Linda Ikeji, she will tell you that the secret to her success is that,

  1. She, Linda Ikeji, had a passion in the entertainment industry.
  2. She took action on her passion.
  3. She works hard to come up with content that her readers love and share to drive traffic and
  4. She, Linda Ikeji, is consistent in trying to maintain her blog.


Definition of Blogging on wikipedia

Did you also fall for the thought that Linda Ikeji made money blogging? Why did you think so?

What practical steps are you going to take to ensure that your blog is profitable. What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments section.

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