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April 28, 2021



Have you noticed how unemployment is big news. We see a lot of bad news.

But did you know that each bad news is pregnant with opportunities. Consider the headlines below and tell me how it feels.

is this this could be the solution to deal with unemployment

See this headline, Greece Faces 150,000 Job-Cut Hurdle to Aid Payment: or rather the numerous ones below.

Why Network Marketing Could Be The Cure for The Unemployment Menace

Can you imagine how many of the affected individuals become a societal burden? Can’t this unemployment menace be dealt with once and for all?

What if the news reads,

” There are no job seekers this year. Everyone has something to do.”

How does that translate into the family’s ability to get what they desire.

The Problem of Unemployment Resolved

My mind is wondering.

Before Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity, did we have gravitational force?

When I heard this story, I was really moved.

A man decided to travel from Nigeria to the United States of America.

He was making his trip on board a luxury cruize.

He knew that the journey was long so he carried cabin biscuits.

He decided to eat the cabin biscuits anytime he got hungry. He hid in his room and never came out.

For a month’s journey, he survived on the cabin biscuits.

Two nights to the end of his journey, he decided to come out of his room and see what happening around.

Now, he could afford to spend what money he has on some of the goodies.

One of the matrons saw him and was quite surprised. Where have you been all this while.

Have you been on this cruise all this while?

How are you eating?

Don’t you like the things we are serving on the cruise?

The man explained to the matron that, he did not carry enough money so he decided to survive on his cabin biscuits till the journey was over.

Really, but the cost of the meals and everything else was included in the cost of the ticket.

All you needed to do was to enjoy them.

Oh gosh!

The man’s ignorance had cost him.

He decided to eat all that he could.

Catch all the fan he could before they got to their destination.

In two days, they were on the shore.

How sad he thought.

I could have enjoyed all these pleasantries all along.

Do you think that the fact that this man did not know that he had free access to the pleasantries on board the ship negated the fact that he was entitled to them?

It was his ignorance that cost him.

My friend, ignorant is not bliss!

In this country, there are several opportunities.

The Unemployment rate is high. Yes!

But You have no business being being broke because of unemployment.

Go out and start something.

If you can’t find a job outside, you can find jobs online.

Build a side hustle if you are presently gainfully employed so that when we have headlines like the ones above, you can say with confidence you have an escape route.

Choose to become a giver of opportunities instead of crying over the bank job you just lost.

It costs a lot of time and or money to start a business and build it to success.

If you are low on cash, you can start with a network marketing opportunity.

Network marketing has actually dealt a big blow to the unemployment menace that bedevils several economies.

To succeed however in a network marketing business, you need to know the principles of success in network marketing.

I can recommend a number of good network marketing companies for you depending on your interest.

Don’t forget to check my review on whether the network company you choose to go with is illegitimate.

In a future post, I will share real life stories of people who have become psychologically unemployable and earn so much.

They did not become a burden to society when they lost their jobs. Others actually quit their jobs because they could afford to.

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Let’s catch fun. Do you know about network marketing? What has been your experience with network marketing?

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