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April 15, 2021

make money online

If you just searched the fastest way to make money online, you are probably looking for money desperately and in need to know how you can leverage the internet to make money online now.

I will tell you which is a faster way to make money online; whether it is affiliate marketing, info marketing, email marketing or any of the other ways to make money online.

But let me warn you. If you are desperate to make money now and have turned to the internet for solutions, you stand the risk of wasting the little money you presently have without making a dime.

So keep your wallet for now and read this post to the end.

I will tell you which methods are quickest.

But first, let me give you 2 reasons for the strong warning I just gave.

There are a lot of scam artists on the internet whose aim is to dupe you. And they are good with their craft.

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There are genuine make money online programs who have high converting sales pages but do not deliver according to all their hype.

Note: They are genuine, but they are over-hyped. You may end up learning below standard money making techniques that will leave you non-competitive.

As a result, you may end up not making any money at all. This is especially true if you JUST join the program because of its sales message.

You need to know what you want online before you go shopping for an online opportunity.

So which is the quickest way to make money online?

Is it affiliate marketing, email marketing, google adsense, blogging, online stores, etc.

Some people have strongly advocated for affiliate marketing because that is the first place they found success.

Personally, when I purchased the magnetic sponsoring course, it took me less than 1 week to make a sale after I decided to promote it.

That is fast enough. Isn’t? I never filled survey questionnaires well. I have not had success with surveys. It takes too much time.

Online stores have not worked for me either.

I know some people who have made money with surveys and online stores within their first week.

I also know people who have not made any cash from survey sites and online stores even though they had success elsewhere.

So what makes the difference?

In my opinion, 5 things count.

  1. Your overall business building strategy.
  2. The point at which you meet your prospect (Their extent of desperation for a solution)
  3. Your ability to sell (yourself, skills or product)
  4. Your teacher or coach
  5. Your personality type – Not everybody can do every thing

Your Overall business strategy.

If you have followed me for sometime, you know I definitely do not vouch for trading time for money.

So most of what I am going to discuss right now, will not concern business models whose compensation are linear.

So what is your business strategy? Some people’s strategy is to make a quick cut and sell whatever solutions they have.

The danger with this strategy is that, soon, you will be out of business.

If you want to be in business for long, some things must be important to you including your credibility.

You will not want to sell a fast-moving product without being sure that the patrons behind the product can deliver to both your satisfaction and that of the people you recommend.

You will also not want to start an online business whose foundation is faulty.

If you find a great product supported by business builders with track record of quality, you can make a quick kill.

However, I do not recommend that you come online trying to make money fast as against setting the foundation of a rock solid business.

Build a solid foundation for your business. This may take time but it is well worth the effort.

If you have the passion and you can endure, just hold on.

I promised I will tell you the fastest way to make money online but, you must understand these principles before you set out so read point 2 of what makes the some people make money faster than others.

The point at which you meet your prospect with the solution you have on offer

Assume that you are a vegetarian who enters a restaurant. You are quite hungry and then a sales attendant approaches you.

The sales attendant does not know you are a vegetarian and then tries to sell him “kpomo” or even steak.

How successful will this salesman be in his endeavour?

Imagine also a thirsty German in the desert.

Will you have to give them 101 reasons why water from an oasis is good for their health?

I am sure he will grab the cup of water and gulp it down without even asking for the source and whether it has been purified or not.

Strong desperate desire always kills reason even with the most logical of all men.

They will gulp the water based on their emotional state, and then justify why they had to drink the water with logic.

When you meet a man desperate for solution, you are likely to make sales fast and with ease.

Your Ability To Sell

The best salesman online or offline is not the one who can sell a deep freezer to an eskimo but the one who knows how to find the customer who is ready to buy now.

With this skill, you will use less effort at selling and succeed faster.

You must learn how to target your ideal prospects or leads. This is a crucial point of your success in internet marketing.

When you learn to target your ideal prospect who is desperate for your solution, you will make money online with great ease.

So go ahead. Spend time and money and learn the art of targeting prospects. Build your skill around this even if it costs you money.

After you target your ideal prospect, the strength of your copy will help you make the kill.

A strong sales copy will make people pay for your solution faster.

I believe that everybody who wants to market online must have a certain level of copywriting skills. It helps.

Your Teacher / Coach

Your teacher coach can be the reason you make money online quickly or not. There are two sides to this coin.

If your teacher is teaching you exactly what to do without holding anything back, this will shorten your learning curve and move you to faster to the first ever income you earn online.

This of course depends on whether you take the instructions and apply them. Many people who want to make money online have learnt so many things that can help them make some decent income.

Their only problem is that they don’t act. They are afraid to lose money.

You will never be able to swim if you stay at the bank without entering the river. Go ahead. Kill your fear and start practicing what you learn. Take baby steps, measure your efforts and then improve.

When you are with a good coach who can catch you when you fall, you can risk taking giant steps.

Don’t be afraid to lose. Risk is an essential ingredient in business success.

Make sure your risks are calculated though.

Your Personality type

This is perhaps the most important determinant of the kind of business you can do for online income whether part-time or as a full-time endeavour.

Not everyone can do every business. Know your personality type and see what online business can work well for you.

is this the fastest way to make money online

Question, So What is the Fastest Way To Make Money Online? Check the answer below

Answer : There is no fastest way to make money with internet marketing.

Many people have spent years without making a single dime with the same methods that saw some people make money within their first day.

This is what I want you to do.

Settle on one business model that you want to pursue, find a mentor who has already attain some level of success. (You should be willing to pay them to spend some time with you).

Follow their guidance and develop your own marketing skills. To know where your strengths and weaknesses are, you can take this test to decide your personality type. The test is free. Click here to take your test.

The Fastest Method to Make Money Online – What I recommend

Even though there is no single fastest method to make money online, You can check my No 1 recommendation here.

Here is why.

  • At least I can give you some guidance on this one.
  • You start of with little risk and time investment.
  • You will receive training from myself and a pool of other successful entrepreneurs who are happy to help.
  • You will develop great internet marketing skills as you are being trained. Creating your own product is time-consuming.
  • When you have learnt the necessary skills, you can apply them to any situation in life to make money.
  • The results you obtain with our guidance will help you establish credibility and build a good foundation for your success.

Just to show that there is no single fastest way to make money online, I want you to share what you thought was the fastest way and your experience with this way of making money online.

You will be surprised how everybody else’s answer is different from yours. Go ahead. At least now you know.

But what did you think was the fastest way to make money online? Let’s open the discussion. Leave your comments

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