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April 14, 2021

there should be a safer way to retire

You Must Look for a Safer Way to Retire. I will tell you why shortly.

It is wickedness to serve your country and retire at 60 only to live as a beggar after retirement.

This is especially so if the salary you received while in active employment becomes short of what you receive after retirement.

No wonder people do not want to retire and rest after years of active service to their country.

Do people actually retire at 60?

I heard of a man who retired from a government agency at 60, died after 4 years and his obituary stated that he was 78years old.

The question to ask is why would a man reduce his age when given the chance? The answer may not be that simple.

One obvious observation however is that, he is afraid that he may outlive his retirement savings or he cannot live comfortably on his retirement savings and pension benefits.

A few years ago, a life assurance agent was trying to sell me a retirement plan. As we sat in the chair, he brought out a chat.

His chat looked well used.

Probably, every prospect he attempted to sell a life insurance policy to, has seen this sheet.

If this sales agent ever darkened your door, I am sure you must have seen that chat too.

Looking at the chat it appeared as if I was the 974th person to see this chat? Well, he went on…

If you want to save $2million for the rest of your active years in employment (which at the time was about 35years away), you need to save $1,466.90 per month @ the current interest rate of 6%.

A few days later, I asked myself a question. “If $2million is the “number” the average person needs to live a comfortable life for the next 20years after retirement, how many people can afford to save $1,466.90 a month in order to have $2million dollars in their retirement savings account?

Dave Dee quotes on the famous Dan Kennedy website, GKIC that… “… with so many variables in retirement planning, it’s unrealistic to think that a single number can truly reflect how much you’ll need in 10 or 20 years.

I mean even if you could make such a projection accurately, it’s possible that health care costs, regulations, medical problems or a few other assumptions could significantly alter your “number.”

Don’t you agree with Dave Dee?

A better and a safer way to retire is to retire at 40years, RICH!!

a better way to retire

If life begins at 40, you would probably want to enjoy it. It should be the time to enjoy all your toils and labours.

If you continue to work, it should be by choice not compulsion.

What would you do if you could actually retire at 40years or in the next 3years not poor but rich?

And yes there are many options. Only a few people are prepared to learn. I supposed that you are one of these few people because you have read this article to this point.

A better way to plan your retirement is to build an income such that by 40 years, you have an income stream that flows continuously whether you work or not.

As you build this income stream, you should also be able to afford the time to spend the money that flows to you. (This is referred to as Time freedom and financial freedom).

Oh yes, it is actually possible.

You can retire at 40 (not poor, but comfortable, without the fear of financial insecurity) and spend the rest of your life enjoying the money you have accumulated.

There are many options available.

In the recent past, a New York Times article reported that, “According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, an increasing number of retirees, who can expect to live longer, healthier lives, are choosing to work in retirement, at least part-time, typically for fear of outliving their money (emphasis mine) or to keep active and engaged.”

Ex-servicemen are taking jobs as security men; people are starting table top shops all over the place, etc.


Some people have taken an early retirement at 30years Others have taken a working retirement.

This working retirement is unique.

It does not keep them tied down to their jobs.

They do not have to be present day in and day out.

There is no boss to answer to.

There is no regular boring schedule to follow.

You do not have to relocate to the village where the cost of living is low even though you can, if you want to.

You can do what you enjoy and are passionate about.

To many people, they are getting paid to play or do what they really enjoy. Some people are so surprised when they start making money.

For some, US$54,790.00 a year is good money. Others make $125,850.00 a year or more.

Yet still, there are those who make $1million or more each year often for the first time without special technical skills.

This income stream keeps flowing once it has been SET-UP PROPERLY.

You could still earn income if you got sick or for one reason you are unable to work.

You can also take long vacations and come back to realize that you have made money though you were not actively working while you were away on vacation.

There are many options you can opt for in order to obtain a better retirement.

Keep checking out this column.

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You can learn a wealth of information that can set you up for retirement in the next 1-3years if you are willing to learn new skills and package your passion.
So, what are these better ways to plan for and enjoy your retirement in a safer way?

Information marketing / content marketing,
Internet – Network marketing,
Affiliate marketing,
Freelancing, etc.

Would you like to reach your retirement goals faster?

How about retiring in comfort and with peace of mind? Does that sound like a better or safer way to retire?

Don’t you feel guilty that you have to lie about your age so you can work for longer years? Would you want to do something about that and clear your own conscience?

Are you worried that you have to continue working after your retirement?

If any of the questions above concerns you, it is not too late to explore blogging, info marketing / content marketing, internet network marketing, affiliate marketing,
freelancing, etc.

All you have to do is learn. And you can actually build a business around your passion.

You don’t have to quit your present job to do them. You do not need special skills.Well, except for some of the internet marketing secrets of what is working now that we share.

In fact with about 2 hours a day of consistent work, you can start building the business that can eventually free up your time and contribute to eliminating your financial worries or at least ease the burden.

You will need to be guided properly though.

Retirement planning is a great concern. Many people get worried when they get closer to their retirement age.

They are afraid that they would outlive their retirement savings.

While many people will choose a working retirement as the solution, you can actually retire having the time and money to enjoy the pleasures you could not afford in your active working life without the fear that you would outlive your retirement savings.

The reason is simple. You have built an income stream that would continue to flow even if you are dead and gone.

Choose any of the options above. If you want to retire sooner, set up your business today. If you do not know how to, you can seek guidance.

Note: Just on the side,

  • John Chow earns over $1million dollars a year by blogging and telling people how he makes such money. Funny huh?
  • Joel Therien makes over $22million dollars a year in sales revenue from internet and network marketing.
  • I will not say anything about Seth Godin. This man is a phenom.
  • Holton Buggs of earns $10,380,000.00 a year from network marketing
  • Eben Pagan has made over $100million in sales of affiliate products.

What would you like to make?

What each of these people have in common is that they also have the time flexibility to enjoy all the money they make.

Are you ready to kick start your retirement plan in a better way? Will you want to retire in a safer way?

Retire Better! A safer way to retire

What does a safer retirement mean to you? Does it mean catching up on all the pleasant voyages you could not afford due to time? Let me know in the comments section.

a safer-way-to-retire-is-to retire-comfortable

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