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If you are serious about building a lifestyle friendly side hustle, especially if you are a busy person, you'd want to be part of this training because you'll learn; 

Why Should You Pay Attention To Me

I am an ordinary guy who is obtaining results with the methods I share. Plus, there is a community of other ordinary people providing all the support to help you start, avoid the pitfalls and grow just like they help me.

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Black belt level marketing training training with some of the best producers in the country so that you can cut short your learning curve.

Skills to build and use your own automated sales system so that technology will be working for you while you sleep. Talk about time freedom.

A community support to provide the experience and mentorship you require to succeed. Sometimes, all you need is a hand holding experience, or a loving guide.


I am a former lecturer, but I chose to go full time with this. Not only is the income good, but I have time to attend to the important things in my life. 

By the way, I took this picture in Dubai.

Steve Imoni

Former Lecturer, Serial Entrepreneur

From walking and being a frequent trotro passenger, I have been able to buy myself this optima for cash because I started my own side hustle.

Now, I even believe more that the future holds boundless possibilities.

What I enjoy most is the freedom I have to do the things I love, like spending time with my mum while I build my own side hustle project. 

And yes! I love the amazing support and mentorship that is available

Jeff Apergdina

Affiliate Press Writer

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